Corentin, première année

Mon premier petit cousin est né à l’automne 1999… Je suis ravi car il me ravit le poste de petit dernier de la famille, que je tenais depuis 19 ans !
Très bavard, j’ai eu l’occasion de l’enregistrer à chaque réunion de famille. Et au final, ça m’a permit de lui offrir un CD de ma composition pour son 1er anniversaire.


« Dans le berceau«  est un morceau composé à l’origine dans l’idée de « En attendant Cousteau » de JM Jarre. Mais je n’ai pas réussi à rester simple…

Tous composés sur Impulse Tracker 2, entre octobre 1999 et octobre 2000.

Comme souvent, j’ai posté quelques uns de ces morceaux sur Trax In Space. En voici les critiques :

Trax in Space Reviews for Corentin is born !!

VIP Review: Not a VIP Review
Reviewer: NightMonger
Date of Review: 4/26/2000 5:04:00 PM

Overall Impression: 7/10
Review: Nice and original song well tracked and able to give you a certain happy feelin’ … 🙂 The baby samples are cool but a bit overused resultin’ repetitive …. . The music is very nice anyway! 🙂

Creativity: 8/10
Artistic License: 6/10
Arrangement: 8/10
Sample Quality: 8/10

Does It Work as a Piece of Music: Yes
This song is very enjoyable apart from the repetitive baby samples ’cause of overuse. Even if a sample is cool it doesn’t meen you can use it over and over …. this song could have been very cool and original … anyway it’s still nice :-.

Trax in Space Reviews for All The Day

VIP Review: Not a VIP Review
Reviewer: Mikke
Date of Review: 2/18/2001 6:50:00 AM

Overall Impression: 7/10
Review: In a speed of 3 and in a temp of 180 you can just imagine how fast this song goes. Overall it’s a pretty nice fast-going dance tune. The fun thing is that there is french vocals in the tune. It seems like the artist is dedicating this thing to a baby? 😛 Well however, the song is very happy but needs abit more variation. The vocals is used in a good way though. Keep on tracking!

Trax in Space Reviews for Singing of Corentin

VIP Review: Not a VIP Review
Reviewer: Area 51 DNA
Date of Review: 9/21/2000 8:17:00 AM

Overall Impression: 6/10

Review: This song has a really impressive intro! 😉 With a really powerful beat!, almost to hard. this is not dance this is Pure techno.

Creativity: 9/10
Very cool mixing with the sounds

Artistic License: 8/10
This artist nows how to use the samples in the right way!

Arrangement: 7/10
Well it’s quite good technically!

Sample Quality: 6/10
The sample quality could have been better though..

Does It Work as a Piece of Music: Yes
It sure does!

Trax in Space Reviews for In the craddle

VIP Review: VIP Review
Reviewer: TNK
Date of Review: 11/1/2000 6:46:00 PM

Overall Impression: 8/10
Review: Cool song by Garr…this one is to be added to the long Corentin-songs list Garr already produced. This song really fits to the title and remembers us the songs we were played when we were ourself in the cradle at the age of 1, like Corentin is nowadays. Garr really did a great job by creating this very special mood that is really uncommon in the mod scene. Worth the download. …now we are watching out your next Corentin track ! (Corentin walks ? Corentin speaks ?) 🙂

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